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Scheduled Server Maintenance - Week of 2/17/19 17th Feb 2019

This is a courtesy notice regarding our scheduled maintenance for your hosting account on Pixallus. During the week of 2/17/2019 we will be applying updates to your web server, which will help ensure you are hosted on the most up to date infrastructure. Prior to the update, we will send you a maintenance notification email if you have subscribed ... Read More »

Upcoming Changes to the Pixallus Client Portal 9th Jan 2019

In the coming weeks, we plan to move the Pixallus Client Portal site from to This change will not affect your account or data. The old Url will point to the new Url once we've completed the change. This new Url will be more inline when we launch our Templates, Projekts, and Support portals. ... Read More »

Happy New Year! 1st Jan 2019

If I haven't told you lately, I appreciate the opportunities you guys have provided me recently and over the years. Thank you for continuing to trust Pixallus with your web needs and supporting me with your referrals. It's been a pleasure to work with you and getting to know you too.  :)  I hope this year brings you many opportunities and ... Read More »

Wordpress 5 + WooCommerce Breaking Changes 19th Nov 2018

WordPress 5 comes with many new features including Gutenberg. There's been much talk about Woocommerce breaking changes with WordPress 5. It's important that you update Woocommerce prior too updating to WordPress 5. It's always a good idea to create a full backup of your site before performing software updates. For high traffic sites, we ... Read More »